Following an acclaimed sell-out run at the Dublin Fringe Festival in 2023 DublinLand returns for an international tour.

Dublin is in a time of crisis. Rents sky-rocketing, houses turning to hotels, tech conglomerates spreading like wildfire. But don’t worry, the government has a plan to save us… and its called DublinLand!

In the near future, the Taoiseach announces that they have sold Dublin to corporate investors who plan on turning it into a Dublin-themed theme park, offering an experience as “more Irish than Ireland itself.” At the press conference launching the scheme, the Taoiseach and the billionaire who bought the city explain why this dystopian plan is in fact a great advancement for industry, tourism and culture.

Think about it… wouldn’t it be cool to take a rollercoaster to work instead of the Luas? Wouldn’t you like to be paid just to be Irish? Don’t you want to live your whole life as a Truman Show-esque performance for the benefit of leprechaun-hunting tourists? No? Well too late, because it’s happening anyway!

DublinLand is a daring, biting and wonderfully bizarre satire of all what Dublin is and all that it is becoming.

Fri 28 June - Sat 29 June 2024

Doors 7.30pm, Starts 8.00pm

Tickets: £15/£13

Reviews about DublinLand

“A Rich Satirical Playground”- Irish Independent

“Sharp & Witty… Dublinland speaks to a very real feeling of selling our city to the highest bidder, only this time it’s rather funny”- The Irish Times