Short Story Writing Workshop with Author Jan Carson

Story Writing For Beginners

The Short Story Writer’s Starter Kit – with Author Jan Carson

Interested in writing short stories? Struggling to know where to start? Wondering how and when to end your story? This interactive half day course facilitated by Belfast based writer Jan Carson will guide you through the basics of writing imaginative and engaging short stories. The two and a half hour session will focus upon key themes such as developing ideas, writing believable characters and convincing dialogue, plot, structure, pacing and concision. It will also look at how to engage your readers from the first line and hold their attention through to the final word. This workshop will be engaging, fun and packed full of useful tips and exercises. It’s suitable for beginning writers. All you need is a notebook, a pen and a fully functioning imagination.


Interview in evening: £8

Short Story Workshop: £5

Combined Ticket: £10

Wed 12 October 2022

2:30pm - 5:00pm

Tickets: £5

At 7pm, Jan Carson will discuss her latest novel, The Raptures with Dorothy Allen in front of a live audience. The novel is set in an Evangelical Protestant community in rural Northern Ireland during the summer of 1993.